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One day I will laugh and no loneliness will fall out.
    Te’ V. Smith Here We Are, Reflections Of A God Gone Mad
Month by month things are losing their hardness; even my body now lets light through; my spine is soft like wax near the flame of the candle. I dream; I dream.
    Virginia Woolf, The Waves


Ritual [Shiki-Jitsu] (Hideaki Anno, 2000)

If flowers can
teach themselves

how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you.
    Noor ShirazieSpringtime 
I tell her how isolated I feel and how lonely I am and hungry and tired and she says ‘oh.’
    James Simon Kunen, The Strawberry Statement (1970)


Square park
Photographer: Infanint

she was the kind of girlfriend god gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life
    Junot Diaz 
For something to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be pretty.
    Rei Kawakubo 
I’m trying."
“Trying what?”
“Trying to be.
    Jonathan Safran Foer 
First we feel. Then we fall.
    James Joyce, Finnegans Wake 
It is dreadful how I miss you, and everything that everybody says seems flat and stupid.
    Vita Sackville-West, from a letter to Virginia Woolf dated January 29, 1927